10 Countries with the Highest Gasoline Prices

Gas prices have become an American past time. Whether we’re complaining about them, comparing them or using our apps to find the cheapest prices, we have gas on the brain. The next time you find yourself thinking of trading your car in for a bicycle because of the cost of gas, consider what these ten countries pay (in USD) and think again!
1. Istanbul, Turkey
The city boasts the highest gas prices in the world at $9.63 per gallon. The rising prices are the reason behind Mayor Kadir Topbas’ plan to create a brand of economic fuel and a chain of gas stations to be located throughout the city.

2. Asmara, Eritrea
Thanks to restrictions and all to frequent gas shortages, the country is plagued by out of control gas prices. At approximately $9.61 per gallon, it could cost you $130 to fill your average tank. You could spend close to $200 to fill a truck or SUV.

3. Oslo, Norway
The incredible tax that the EU (or European Union) places on gas has the people of Oslo paying $9.28 a gallon. The nation is highly taxed and, surprisingly, has found most of its wealth in oil exportation.

4. Athens, Greece
$8.50 per gallon is what you will pay to drive your car in Greece. The prices fluctuate rapidly and often, thanks, in part, to the uprisings in Egypt and Libya.

5. Monte Carlo, Monaco
Automakers in Monte Carlo have used the high gas costs to lead the push in alternative energy. Electric cars are becoming all the rage thanks to gas prices of $8.45 per gallon. Although gas is still used in an electric car, the cost of filling up decreases dramatically in a car powered by electricity.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark
At $8.42 for a gallon of gasoline, filling a 16-gallon tank will cost you $134.72. Highly subsidized, gas can be marked as the reason so many residents of Copenhagen have no desire to own a vehicle. Instead, citizens walk, use public transportation or participate in bike sharing programs.

7. Stockholm, Sweden
Gas prices have reached record highs all over Sweden, topping out at about $8.40 a gallon. Analysts contribute the high prices to a number of factors: the world market, a weak dollar and sabotage against world oil installations. Interestingly, if the gas wasn’t taxed at such a high rate, Stockholm would have the cheapest gas in the Western world.

8. Brussels, Belgium
Like much of Europe, Brussels $8.17 per gallon gas price can be attributed to the heavy taxes placed upon petrol by the EU.

9. London, United Kingdom
Thanks to the high cost of gas in London, and the rest of the United Kingdom for that matter, retailers like Tescos and Wal-Mart are feeling the pinch. Consumers will be next as these big box stores begin to raise their prices to offset the cost of manufacturing and transporting their goods.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam has long been a pedestrian based city so the $8.01 for a gallon of gasoline doesn’t slow down the economy. Bicycles and public transport are second only to walking as modes of transport in this beautiful city.

Gas prices fluctuate almost daily as conflicts take place across the world in oil producing countries. If you are planning a trip across the ocean, consider alternate modes of transport or you’ll quickly find the bulk of your budget going to fill your tank. And the next time you’re filling up at the pump, breathe a sigh of relief that you aren’t living in Norway or Turkey!
UK resident Samantha Matthews is a part time writer specializing in Car Tax Bands and helping drivers answer the question, “what is my car tax band?”

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